Katie Breckenridge
Post Office Box 685
Picabo Idaho 83348
Phone 208•788•4424
Mark Eldridge,
Mindy Goemmer, Bryan/Candy Christopherson,
Marathon Farms
Mark Eldridge,
Dakota Eldridge, 
Marathon Farms
Marlow Eldridge,
Ron Gill, Travis/Cortney Gaved
C Taylor, Ron Gill, Bryan/Candy Christopherson,
Eric Wanman, Ty Hatch, Harold Cook
Marathon Farms
Harold Huysen,
Todd Wadsworth, Connie Hansen,
Ira Walker,
Jackson Ward, Marathon Farms
Ron Gill,
Janet Erickson, Marathon Farms
Janet Erickson,
Kali Parker,
Megan Burns,
Sid Erickson
Mike Elliott,
Wade Harrison,
Phelbe Bean,
Ray Aiken,
Kyle Dalton,
Rod/Phillis Brooz
Briana Meggers,
Ron Gill,
Carley Schaff
Micha Long,
Marathon Farms
Allie Bowers,
Harold Huyser,
Picabo Livestock Co., Maggie Creek Ranches, Ray Atkin, Wayne/Gweanna Prescott,
Marathon Farms
Mark Eldridge,
Marathon Farms
Kevin Bacon
Amanada Burns,
Marathon Farms
In “Katie’s Comments” we have listed some of the owners (present and past) that either own now or have owned full siblings to the Lot #. We hope this information is helpful to you.
Bruce Schuetz,
Mark Eldridge, Travis/Cortney Gaved,
Marathon Farms
Wade Harrison, Megan Burns,
Ron Gill,
Ira Walker,
Tim/Joy Mathews