Katie Breckenridge
Post Office Box 685
Picabo Idaho 83348
Phone 208•788•4424
- 1980's - built her own horse training stables and developed one of the only successful A.I. stallion breeding stations in Idaho in the 1980's on the B Bar B Ranch. Operated a horse training barn with the main emphasis on cutting, working cow horse and colt starting programs. Katie was the trainer and had several assistants working under her.
- 1990's - ran a 1500 cattle feedlot- backgrounding 425lbs. to 850lbs. calves in the fall and winter months. In addition to the feedlot and the training barn, Katie introduced seed potatoes and canola to Blaine County and grew some of the best dairy quality hay in the County.
- 1996- 2002 - Started and promoted the Women of the West Performance Horse Sale on the B Bar B Ranch. The annual event showcased women and their horses and the role that women have played in developing the west as we know it today. The sale also served as production sale for the ranch's own horses.
- 2000 - All of Rob's and Katie's lands, sheep and beef cattle became certified organic. They started Picabo Lean Inc. to market their livestock.


- 1970 - 1983:President and Board Member - Intermountain Quarter Horse Association (3rd largest affiliate to the American Quarter Horse Association). She was the first women to be on the board of this organization that covered Idaho, Utah, Montana, Wyoming, Oregon and Washington.
- 1970 - 1978: President and Board Member of Idaho Hunter & Jumper Association
- 1978 - 1988: Board Member of Idaho Reined Cow Horse Association
- 1984 - 1991: President and Board Member of the Idaho Cutting Horse Association
- Judged Idaho State Horse Association shows, State Fairs, queen contests and state and regional 4-H shows many times donating her salary to their organizations.
- Taught classes in Animal Husbandry at the College of Southern Idaho in the horse equine program.
- Pumped thousands of dollars into the Blaine County communities during the years from 1984 to 1991 by hosting NCHA, PPCH,  ICHA and UCHA cuttings that brought cutters from all over the country to Picabo, Idaho. The cuttings were listed as some of the top ranch sponsored cuttings in the nation during this time. The B Bar B Ranch was the sole sponsor of the event.
- Donated lambs to kids who were in their first year 4-H projects.
- Worked with Blaine County and State government in writing several zoning ordinances. Testified on behave of the livestock industry on grazing practices on public lands. Worked with all types of groups to find the common ground on controversial issues.
- Employed college intern students majoring in agriculture studies at BYU of Idaho, Colorado State University and the College of Southern Idaho.


- Won several local, state, regional and national championships in the National Cutting Horse Association, the California Reined Cow Horse Association, the Idaho Hunter and Jumper Association, The Idaho Dressage Association, The American Quarter Horse Association, The Intermountain Quarter Horse Association and the Idaho Quarter Horse Breeders Association.
- Honored by Senator Crapo for Outstanding Stewardship Award in working with the US Forest Service and the endangered salmon and the Sawtooth National Recreation Area.
- Inducted into the Southern Idaho Livestock Hall of Fame - 2001.
- Have had several magazines that feature Katie for her work and accomplishments over the years; Range, Ag Weekly, Performance Horse Magazine, The American Cowboy, Western Livestock, Attache(U.S. Airlines magazine) to mention a few.
- Lectured and appeared sat on several panels over the years representing land ownership, the horse industry and private property rights.
- Received recognition numerous times for her role as the first women in many situations.
Katie Breckenridge
- Birthplace: Twin Falls, Idaho -
  May 12, 1945
- Education: Graduated from
  Twin Falls High    School 1963
- Graduated from
  Colorado State University in 1967
  with a BS in Education
- Husband - Rob Struthers
Idaho Rodeo Hall of Fame inductee 2019
- Katie grew-up riding horses on her parents ranch and farm. She rode the sheep camp horses until she was seven years old when her parents bought her first registered Quarter Horse "Glaser's" Queen. During her teenage years, Katie bred "Queenie" several times and trained, showed and sold her off-spring. This wonderful mare is buried on the B Bar B Ranch humanely put-down at the age of thirty-five. Queen was the beginning of a life time profession of breeding, raising, training and selling the American Quarter Horse.
- Today, the B-Bar-B Ranch is home to over one hundred head of brood mares, stallions, weanlings yearlings, two year olds, and older horses. The breeding program is the result of over thirty-five years of Katie's experiences and dedication to the horse industry.  The following are some of the highlights on her life:

- Late 1960's - managed the Sun Valley dude string and Sun Valley Horsemen's Center - approximately 175 head of horses with approximately twenty-five employees. 
- 1970's - worked for her parents managing the Busterback Ranch (2800 acres of irrigated pastures in Stanley Basin) and building a 1500 head backgrounding feed lot and taking 650 acres out of sagebrush and putting the land into productive irrigated crop and pasture land on the B Bar B Ranch, Picabo, Idaho. The ranch consists of a total of 1800 acres of both irrigated pastures, crops and dry grazing lands.