Katie Breckenridge
Post Office Box 685
Picabo Idaho 83348
Phone 208•788•4424
Mark Schott is working Rowdy on the Gamble Ranch in Nevada.
“We breed them, foal them, raise them, prepare them.
Great individuals train them to BECOME ALL THEY CAN BE.”
Linda Humphry on SD Pay To Smoke - Jerome, Idaho
Briana Meggans - SD Smoke Call “Ryder”
Mindy Goemmer, Battle Mt., Nevada
SD Darlin Peppy  “Concha”
Bryan Christopherson,Billings, Montana
on SD The Best Smoke aka “Rosie
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OJ Mortenson
& Trish Hammill
Eldridge Family   
Tori Hurt
SD Smokin Warrior Bubbles - Janet Erickson
Kelsey Barg, Picabo, Idaho
Sue Malmstrom
Granddaughter on
Boogers Poco Chex – Chrome
Melanie Crist on
Boogers Poco Chex - Chrome
David Crist & granddaughter on
Boogers Poco Chex – Chrome
Allie Busch
Shari Hart